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  2. Obladi Oblada (MercyMe Cover Tune Grab Bag) - The Beatles

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  5. Alex Ries
    Terryl Whitlatch
    Mike Corriero
    M.C. Barret
    Keith Thompson
  6. rosewong:

    Petit Threes, Cake, Cupcakes, Icecream Cone, Icecream Cup, Pops, Petit Fours ’ Rose Wong

    ink and paper collage

    Part of my Sparkly Foods Series for my trio show, Garden Party~

    Excited to draw more sparkly foods!

  7. personasama:

    Here’s animations of Marie’s minions I did. When animating the knife wielding guy, I imagined he was old Joseph Joestar’s corpse and I’m pretty sure he’s colored similarly ingame too. Relevant now more than ever with the Stardust Crusaders anime playing now!

    In other news, Big Band is coming out April 22 on PS3 and PC! And sooner on 360 maybe! The PS Blog post also has a bunch of Eliza animations I’ve done so check it out!

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  8. allthingseurope:

    Buscot Park, England (by Nigel Burkitt)

  9. sarahj-art:

    Happy Easter!

  10. sketchinthoughts:

    fox newsies.

  11. I was born without muscles in my mouth so I can’t smile. But I’m real happy. I’m super happy right now. I’m ecstatic.

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    Duomo di Milano | Google+ | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter 

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